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​SUMMER is here, Time to get SOAKED!

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SUMMER is here, Time to get SOAKED!

Remember when we were little, we went crazy whenever there is a place to play water and get ourselves wet in summer time? Such as running through a sprinkler with neighborhood kids? Instead of going to those long waiting, crowded, and costly theme parks, StylesiLove has researched some places near by Los Angeles where you may be interested of taking kids to cool down the summer heats with less money or even FREE!

1.Stoner Park (West LA)

  • Fee: Kids are FREE; adults $2.50.
  • Time: June~Labor Day
  • Fun Spot: It has more fun tools than just being technically a pool, such as the sprinkling giant mushroom, walls of water, waterslide and more features.

Green Frog Swimsuit (Boy)     Sailor Anchor Swimsuit (Girl)


2.Virginia Avenue Park (Santa Monica)

  • Fee: FREE
  • Time: May ~ September
  • Fun Spot: Splash in all way across the spacy patio.

Zebra Swimsuit (Boy)

Fuchsia Polka Dot Swimsuit &  Polka Dot Bow Swimsuit

3. Coldwater Canyon Park (Beverly Hills)

  • Fee: FREE
  • Time: All Year
  • Fun Spot: Gentle and Low key splash spot where kids able to splash in and paddle. 


Chic Star Swimsuit (Boy)

Leopard (Girls) Pink Bow LeopardBeach Baby


4.Grand Park (Downtown)

  • Fee: FREE
  • Time: Saturdays in August
  • Fun Spot: The spacy designed water ground for both kids and adults to enjoy the sunshine and cooling splash experience. 

  Bumble Bee Swimsuit

5.Hollywood City Walk (in front of Abercrombie & Fitch store)

  • Fee: FREE
  • Time: Based on City Walk schedule (11am~9pm)
  • Fun spot: nonstop water ground with colorful lighting shows where adults may enjoy its great lighting & water combination effects while as kids are welcome to step into the ground and risk to run through the ground without getting self soaked is the daily challenges and fun!  


Super Hero Spiderman (Boy)

Ballerina Swimsuits (Girls) Ballerina Ruffle LaceLittle Swan

6.Victoria Garden (Ontario)

  • Fee: FREE
  • Time: Vary (based on weather and information center update; but normally will be open when sun is up and on weekends).
  • Fun Spot: Easy and fun water ground where kids may enjoy taking a little fun playing break from accompanying parents shopping.    

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